The Mission : To Save Lives.

Aidpets was born from the  BELIEF that NO ANIMAL Deserves to Suffer. The mission is to help put a stop to the  most important animal welfare issue, Animal Cruelty and also help those in need. 

The Aidpets Guarantee.

Aidpets gives each of us a way to contribute in a way that counts,  with every purchase an impact is made on the life of an animal in need. Portion of the profits go towards supporting, the cause you're most passionate about. Like feeding an a rescued pup or kitten, Saving those on death row, providing a home, or rebuilding a life for these lovely companions.

Just like other awesome pet lovers, you probably don't know how you can make an impact or if the resources were going to the right place.The Good News is that for every single purchase you make - We Guarantee to show you exactly where, how and whom you made an impact on within 7 business days, If we can't show you how you made an impact - You get 100% Money Back Guarantee [No Questions Asked],  So whenever you shop you personally receive updates of the pet(s) you helped.

We pride ourselves on creating 100% custom premium ART that are memorable and last a lifetime. We design every single product by hand in America with the highest-quality materials, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to print your pets on multiple products.  We Focus on creating a memorable and beautiful designed art that magnifies the personality and attitude of your pets.

The Birth Of Aidpets 

Looking at Tyger & Aria (Our rescued babies) everyday and knowing that it could be them facing the agonizing fate at any of the shelters, We made a promise to act and make an impact for their brothers and sisters at shelters by bringing a community of awesome pet lovers like yourself and making life easier for the pets in distress to make this a reality.


You have the power to help! Join The Fight against Animal Cruelty Now! Please don’t delay—these animals have suffered enough.